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WebUpdate Builder    What can Webupdate do for you?     

Webupdate Builder is a powerful development tool that lets you create your own personalized Webupdate projects.

Webupdate allows your customer and interests to download the newest software updates, complete setups, documentations, news and much more from your web server. You do not send the information or components for example with email; with Webupdate, your clients can download your files.

automatically checks for new update files on the Internet or Intranet. Can check for updated files over http and ftp protocols or simply file based for Intranet applications.

Webupdate Builder allows you to create your personalized Webupdate layout. You can integrate Webupdate in your own applications to actual them.

Publish your files with Webupdate Builder on your web server. With Webupdate Builder you can define the check for new update in global mode or separate for each file with date, file version or file size.

With the integrate FTP Manager you can upload your files on your web server. In addition, you can download files from each web server to your computer.

Webupdate Builder has two parts Designer and File builder:

Designer  Webupdate Designer

With Webupdate designer, you can define your own layout and much other properties for the Webupdate program. The properties are stored in the Webupdate design file (*.wub). You distribute copies from the Webupdate program and your Webupdate design file to your clients at one time. Do call Webupdate from your own applications to actual them.

File builder  Webupdate File builder

With Webupdate file builder, you can organize your setup and update files in a local directory on your computer. A so-called update control file (*.inf) will be creating with all properties for the update files. This file is for handle and check the download and update in Webupdate. The update files are compressed as cabinet files in a very compact size. You can multiple files store in one cabinet directory. With the integrate FTP-Manager you can upload all the files on your web server. With download in the Webupdate program, the files are automatically extract and do update the associated files on target computer. Only files to will be update must transfer over the net.

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